Saturday, July 13, 2013

Great Rawhide Rolls

Wholesome Hide Retriever Rolls
My terrier was a voracious chewer (thank God - not quite so much now).   He went through so many bully sticks and "indestructible" toys and FURNITURE(!) that I tallied any chew I bought him in dollars per hour of distraction.    When he started to go through a 12" bully stick in 15 minutes, I knew I had to find something that'd last him a bit longer.

I tried the Himalayan Chews (10$ gone in 10 minutes), various raw hides from pet stores (he would break them apart because most were made from a solid outer layer with pressed bits inside where you couldn't see).     After some reading, I discovered Wholsome Hide.   Made in the USA.  Don't be fooled!  Most rawhides (even with USA in the name) are not processed in the US.  Most of the hides do come from the US meat packing industry, but they are sent to other countries (mostly shoe manufacturing countries in the far East), where they are heavily chemically treated - typically after going rotten.

Wholesome Hide Rawhides (I get the retriever rolls) are made from single pieces of raw hide rolled up.  You can look at the side of the roll and see the even thickness all the way to the middle.   And they are processed without some of the horrific agents used in less regulated places (Hey China, I'm looking at you!). is the best place I've found to buy them.  There's a bit of a lag in delivery.  Figure 1-2 weeks.   They have sales fairly often and look on for coupons.   They also have a couple toys the dog likes.

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