Saturday, January 2, 2016

Great Dog Booties! Sierra Dog Supply / Doggles Trail Tracker High Tops

Great Dog Booties!  Sierra Dog Supply / Doggles Trail Tracker High Tops

I've tried several types of booties to protect my dog's feet after an injury.   Even some that appear to be high quality have the same problem:  They slip off the foot.

That's a really tough nut because there just isn't that much for the booty to hold on to and you don't want to make them too tight.  In an ideal world, the booty would fasten above the ankle, but I've never seen any that do.

These booties don't completely prevent slippage, but they are by far the best I have found.   They have large openings and are made of stretchy neoprene, so you can get your dog's foot in pretty easily and quickly.   There is a wrap around neoprene upper that attaches with velcro, and, on top of that, there are two reflective velcro straps.   

They also have some of the best soles I've found on any dog booty.  If your dog's foot is injured, or you want to protect the foot pads from rough terrain (or cold/hot pavement), it's nice to have a good sole on the booty.   

The only catch:  They can be hard to find.  Amazon currently doesn't have any in stock. 
Also, they seem to go under at least two brand names:  "Sierra Dog Supply" and "Doggles".
They are usually called "trail trackers."   The best price I've found is $32 for the full set of 4.

Some people need a booty even more tenaciously foot gripping than these.  If your dog is going to be running free in the wilderness - like a hunting dog for example, these can be pulled off and are not 100% sealed from water and dirt.   I haven't personally tried them, but some simple rubber galoshes are sold on hunting dog sights like which will hold better if you use a special arrangement of duck tape (yes - it's duck tape - not duct tape.  Look it up on Wikipedia) might be better.