Sunday, July 14, 2013

Great Dog Harness

Sense-ation Dog Harness - "Swim" model
Why a dog harness?  If your dog is a puller or if he has linebacker syndrome (his head is smaller than his neck) or if he/she is just a little too independent on walks, a harness can make life more blissful for both of you.   Front-clip harnesses that have the leash attachment strap in front of the dog's chest (not on his back) can give your dog a better sense of where you'd like him to go.  And if there's any pulling in a different direction, the harness will give real positive feedback - redirecting the dog without choking.   If you're not enjoying your dog walks, give one a try.

I've used a few different brands and I like Sense-ation by Soft-touch concepts best.   It's the simplest to put on and to adjust, and it just seems to be the most comfortable for the dog.   They have a few different models, but my favorite is the "Swim" model.   It's made of a softer material than their usual nylon, yet it seems to be a bit more durable.   My only real complaint is that the dog can chew through the harness pretty easily if he wants to.   Sense-ation harnesses are among the easiest to chew - probably because they are softer.  They will repair a strap for $5 with free return shipping.  You have to get it to them though.  I'm on my 6th repair (I have a couple backups for when the harness is in transit).

Another nice thing about the Swim model is that it dries faster and holds less water than nylon.  In a rainy place like Portland, that tends to make for a less smelly harness.  It is pricey and can be hard to find in stores.  $30 at Amazon at the moment.

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