Saturday, July 13, 2013

Great Dog Food – Merrick Grain Free Kibble

Merrick Grain Free Kibble
Dog food choice is a tough nut.  There's A LOT of choice and a lot of advice from well intentioned people who don't know how to read a label.   And different dogs are tolerant of different things, so there's not going to be one super food for all dogs.
But Merrick Grain Free works for me, and I think it's a wonderful choice for many dogs.   It has high quality ingredients, high protein content - and a very high proportion of the protein comes from meat.  This is not for your vegan dog.

I also really like Acana and Orijen dog kibble (made by Champion Pet Foods in Canada).  I think the quality is about the same, but for the price, Merrick gives you more meat content.   You would need to go up to something like Orijen "Regional Red" to match the meat content of the Merrick Grain free.   Merrick seems to be easier to find and sells for about 2/3rds the cost of Regional Red.   (Orijen "Adult" is also similar in protein content, though possibly with a little less meat making up the protein .  It sells for about 20% more than the Merrick and is also a great food).
Flavor:  My dog likes the Merrick, Orijen and Acana too (Acana is a bit lower in protein vs the others - which is easier to digest for some dogs.)    But I actually taste the dry dog food myself.  Not very scientific, but... The Regional Red & Merrick have a much stronger & richer flavor than the Acana (Wild Prairie variety).   And the Merrick actually smells and tastes not bad to me!   That's not common in dog food.    Take it with a grain of salt.  Dogs like stuff people don't.   Just look at where they stick their nose.

I know there are hundreds of brands of dog food out there, and probably dozens that are top quality.   But I like Merrick for the quality, content, and price (and taste!).

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