Sunday, July 14, 2013

Great Tug Toy for Dogs & Owners who don't like Rope

Tri-Pull Tug Toy
My dog loves to play tug (aka Tug-o-war), but doesn't seem crazy about any of the many rope toys I've tried.  He just can't get a great grip or it doesn't feel good in his mouth or - who knows?  Dogs have strong opinions.

This is Pogo's favorite toy period (maybe the chuck-it squirrel if he's in the mood, but mostly this).  The Tri-pull tug toy.   Each of the pads/pods at the ends have pretty tough squeakers in them.   You get a nice soft wrist loop - which is comfortable for long sessions.  I have to admit, my dog loves to chew the wrist loop off as soon as we start playing - even though it's attached with seat-belt like tough material.     The pods are attached with an even heavier duty felt material he has not chewed through yet.  That's saying something.  This is the toy I pull out when I just need to wear Pogo down a bit more at the end of the day.

 You can get it at (which also happens to be the best place for rawhide) for about $10.   Whitedogbone sometimes has sales & coupons.  They do charge for shipping, so get some wholesome hide rolls while you're at it.   They have lots of other tough toys.  I've tried a few, but this is the only one I've ordered again.

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